How to share your press release via Facebook

Last month we posted our blogpost ‘How to share your press release via Twitter’. This month it is Facebook’s turn. Facebook works a lot different than Twitter and it has a lot more options. A lot more options means a lot more ways to impress your audience with your press release.

In order to send out your PressDoc…

There are a couple of things we all probably know by now. In order to send out a press release you need an audience to receive your message. Make sure you trigger your target group. Come up with a strong headline and write interesting news for your audience. In this case they are also active on Facebook, so you will need to use Facebook’s features to trigger them.

First of all, start using a fanpage

  • It’s against Facebook’s rules to use your personal account for your company or brand. You don’t want to run the risk of losing your whole profile (including your content and fans!). You can find more about this in ‘How to build your audiences using Facebook’.
  • I assume you want to be found on Google. Keep in mind: the content of your fanpage is indexed by Google unlike the content on your personal account.
  • Fan pages allow you to keep an eye on the statistics and the increase of fans. You need overview so again: go fanpage!

What’s a fanpage without fans?

The challenge with Facebook is that you have to put some work in it to gain fans for your page. Fans don’t follow, they have to like your page but in order to like it you have to make it noticeable.

  • Start by inviting clients, PR agencies, influential journalists and freelancers who you think are relevant to your page. Ask them to like your page. Once they do this it also show in their updates so their friends see this too.
  • Your employees and/or your personal friends are (hopefully) your biggest fans. Ask them to like your page and invite their friends.
  • You can search for your target group via Facebook search. Ask relevant people to like your page.
  • Promote your fanpage! There are a lot of ways to do this. Take a look at ‘Facebook Fan Pages: How to create and promote yours.

Facebook has great options, use them

  • The ‘Like’ button is a great option. Click the ‘Like’ button in your PressDoc and you automatically share it with your friends and subscribers. Your PressDoc is optimized to show the right content and the corresponding image once you ‘like’ it. This way you promote your press release by just using one button and sharing it with all your friends.
  • Fans can also comment on your press release. By sharing your press release via Facebook you give your fans the opportunity to talk about your event, product or whatever it is your PressDoc is about.
  • You can set up tabs for your page by using custom HTML. Set up a welcome tab so when fans arrive at your fan page they immediately land on the welcome tab. The welcome tab will tell them who you are, what they can find there and you can ask them to like your page.
  • Facebook provides the option to ask questions. You can ask questions about what your audience thought about your press release. This way you can interact with your audience. You’ll find out what they think and you show them that you care about their opinion.
  • Try checking your statistics on Facebook. Your statistics will show you how active your fans are and what kind of messages they like. You can use this to adjust your updates to your fans.

No matter how you share it, stick to the rules

  • Keep on working your network. There is no use to share a press release without someone to share it with.
  • Your press release should be interesting, make sure the content is relevant and make sure it’s news.
  • The headline tells it all. Come up with a killer headline to gain traction to your press release.
  • Don’t confuse with jargon. Speak the language of your target group.

Once you’ve published your PressDoc the next step is easy: sharing. But you have to share your press release effectively, your goal is to reach your audience. Facebook is a way to share your press release, it has a lot of great features and you have to use them to get the best of it.

Hopefully these tips were helpful for you and your company. Feel free to share your tips and your experience with sharing your PressDoc via Facebook!